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Program Fact Sheet

• QM Customer and Contractor Service Agreeement Incentive Calculator


PG&E’s HVAC Quality Maintenance (QM) program is a great deal for you and your customers. Designed to maximize the efficiency of your customers’ existing rooftop units, the program pays incentives directly to you and your customers for participating in the three-year QM Program.

How to participate:

  1. Verify Contractor and Technician program eligibility
  2. Contact us to be enrolled and trained
  3. Gain access to the Contractor Portal
  4. Meet with the customer to discuss the benefits of the QM Program
  5. Verify customer and equipment program eligibility
  6. Conduct an Inventory and Assessment (I&A) at the customer’s site to determine the number, size and type of qualifying units
  7. Develop a Quality Maintenance Plan for the customer’s qualifying units
  8. Please discuss ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 standards with your customer and explain why ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180 is more valuable to them than standard maintenance
  9. Prepare a three-year Service Agreement with the customer (or modify an existing agreement)
  10. Fill out the Service Agreement Addendum (found on the Contractor Portal)
  11. Help the customer complete the Customer Incentive Application (found on the Contractor Portal)  and submit to the QM Program implementer
  12. Perform a set of Energy Efficiency (EE) Tasks to bring the qualifying units up to the QM Program baseline performance standards
  13. Submit the Contractor Incentive Applications (found on the Contractor Portal) based on the rates in the Task & Incentives Table

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Contractor Portal

This link is password protected and requires full program enrollment and training before access is granted: